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Version: v1.2

Continuous Integration (CI) Pipeline

CI (Continuous Integration) pipeline is an automated workflow to ensure that software is always in a working state. An event like opening a pull request causes a pipeline to run. The pipeline consists of an automated build process and a suite of automated tests (See Testing for more details).

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Pipeline Triggers

Commit to Main Branch

Each commit (i.e. a merged PR) to the main branch triggers the pipeline. The pipeline creates packages that can be deployed to any environment. Packages are uploaded to an artifact repository (e.g. npm).

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Pull Request (PR)

When a pull request has been created (or updated), it triggers the PR pipeline. It gives the reviewer confidence that the software works as expected with the introduced code changes.

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Nightly build runs every midnight. It is to ensure that all required dependencies are present and to show no bugs have been introduced.

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Tag Push

When a tag has been pushed, it triggers a release pipeline. It will draft a release note with an auto-generated changelog and publish npm package(s).

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